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Skin care, why buy professional products?

Do you know the difference between drug store products and professional products?

Drug store:
⦁ Made in large batches
⦁ Low percentage of active ingredients means the “moisturizing shea butter is the last thing added but the first thing mentioned
⦁ Full of fillers like water and other harmful chemicals
⦁ Sits on top of skin; feels good but molecules are much to large to penetrate the skin
⦁ Usually pricey for what you get

Professional Products
⦁ Made in small batches
⦁ High levels of active ingredients
⦁ Corrective properties
⦁ No colors or dyes
⦁ Product molecules are smaller so your skin can soak up all the goodness
⦁ Sold in professional outlets

Article by Melissa Kaylor

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