How you might be damaging your hair

How you might be damaging your hair

  • One of the worst things you can do to your hair is over-styling on high heat
Most people have their heating tools set at high. You can get the same look on a low to medium heat without burning your hair.

If you do curl, blow dry or flat iron your hair often, it is imperative to use a heat protection spray.

Curling Hair Series:  unsure

  • You want to make sure to clean out those hairy brushes, which are breeding grounds for germs and old residue- things no one wants in there hair

  • Using an old dryer or not cleaning out the air vents can be really damaging. Due to lint or hair build up, air can’t flow through properly, therefore the pressure goes down and too much heat is required to get it dry and styled,

Green hair-dryer on the white background.

  • Wearing your hair up everyday strains the hair at the root and can actually cause hair loss. Let your hair down it’s sexy and let it breathe!

Portrait illustration of beautiful woman head with hair bun hairstyle.

  • using rough elastic, the best type of elastic to use in your hair is something covered in fabric. A dense hair tie can irritate your strands causing breakage when pulled tightly.

Black scrunchies isolated on white background with clipping path

  • Going to long between haircuts, overtime split ends tend to divide into even bigger split ends, causing your hair to weaken.

Close-up of a hairdresser cutting the hair of a woman. Selective focus.


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