Haircut and Hairstyle trends for 2018

From amazing color, head bands, and braids, we have the low down on the top haircut and hairstyle trends for 2018

Braids and Ponytails


Braids and ponytails in all variants have been a nice twist. Some braids are left for the pro’s. For others, you will want to enlist that one childhood friend who’s amazing at french braiding (we all have one).



The headband made it’s comeback this year. These hair accessories give your locks a glamorous finish, and even distract from unwashed hair so you can go one more day (don’t tell our secret).





Fall’s answer to natural hair, hair in the wind from the ocean breeze. Another trend in the natural hair look that is all the rage on the runway.

Fresh color

When the temperature drops, its a great time to freshen up your color. Coppery reds in hues just like the changing foliage.

Golden low-lights scattered throughout come from a technique known as painting or balayage is another perfect fresh color this year for fall and winter.



From side-swept, blunt to baby fringe.The best bangs come in all shapes and lengths, but it is true bangs are a hit this year.






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