Facts to know about Alaska

 Know termination dust

Termination dust, is an Alaskan term referring to the first dusting of snow in the mountains. Summer is being “terminated” and the long dark winter is on its way.


 Alaska has giant vegetables

Coined the land of the midnight sun, in the summer it is common to have  to 16-19 hours of daylight. Making Alaska a hot bed for gardening. Many of Alaskan giant vegetables are in the Guinness world records.


Bunny boats are not for bunnies

Originally developed by the navy later used my the army, bunny boots are a Alaskan wardrobe essential.


Espresso is it’s own food group

A little known fact: Alaska is among the most coffee obsessed states in the nation. Alaska has more coffee shops per capita than anywhere in America.



Festivals about poop?

It’s true, every year Alaska’s have a moose dropping festival in Talkeetna celebrating moose poo! Not only do Alaskans have a festival, but they often wear jewelry made from moose dropping as well.



Do not call it a snowmobile

Alaskans will know your an outsider if you use the forbidden word snowmobile, and if you do, dirty looks will ensue. It is a snowmachine, not a snowmobile!

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