Color correcting concealers

There are few things I hate more than waking up to a nasty, unwelcome blemish on my face. Although it’s near impossible to wake up flawless, you can achieve your skin goals with a little effort.


Green Neutralizes redness, green concealers are wonderful for getting rid of any redness on your face. Use a green based spot concealer to remove redness from an annoying zit, or any acne scars. If you have widespread redness, (rosacea, windburn or sunburn), then a color correcting green primer will be best to significantly reduce redness and give an even toned base for flawless foundation application.


Cancels purple, blue tones corrects mild redness. Yellow concealers are perfect for hiding purple or blue bruises, veins and under eye circles. Yellow concealers are typically the most general, and are great for evening out skin tone to give a bright base for your foundation.



Neutralizes dull yellow undertones on light to medium skin. People with a pasty, dull, yellow complexion will love how a purple concealer or primer adds a beautiful glow to their face.


Brightens dullness and discoloration on light skin. These are ideal for brightening around the eye area and masking signs of fatigue. This particular concealer color is a mixture of red, orange, and yellow hues. That’s why this color is best to combat dark under eye circles.



Cancels dark circles and brown spots on medium to dark skin. For all of you with lighter skin tones, you will want to stay away from orange concealers, this color is perfect for people with darker skin tones looking to hide dark circles or other spots with deep discoloration.



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