1980s Hair Combs

2020 Hair trend ’80s hair combs According to cosmopolitan the ’80s and ’90s are taking over all of 2020 hair trends, just look at the Tory Burch show. Models wore their hair brushed out and pulled back with combs—a look that’s loosely inspired by Princess Diana. The standout though was Burch’s reinvention of the posh-girl […]

The perfect disconnect

For those of you (like me) who love to wear you hair short short, Let’s talk about the perfect disconnect. Instead of blending the sides with the hair on top, let there be a sharp contrast or transition between the two. The disconnected pixie hair cut is a very popular choice for women who like […]

Haircut and Hairstyle trends for 2018

From amazing color, head bands, and braids, we have the low down on the top haircut and hairstyle trends for 2018 Braids and Ponytails   Braids and ponytails in all variants have been a nice twist. Some braids are left for the pro’s. For others, you will want to enlist that one childhood friend who’s […]

How you might be damaging your hair

How you might be damaging your hair One of the worst things you can do to your hair is over-styling on high heat Most people have their heating tools set at high. You can get the same look on a low to medium heat without burning your hair. If you do curl, blow dry or […]

How to choose the right hair color for your skin tone

Let’s face it, your skin tone is the basics of your beauty. Skin tone should be considered in hair color, make up and even your wardrobe. Its often confusing to understand all the rules for warm tones vs cool tones. Beauty editor did a insightful interview with Hair stylist Tony Chaar on his views of […]