1980s Hair Combs

2020 Hair trend ’80s hair combs According to cosmopolitan the ’80s and ’90s are taking over all of 2020 hair trends, just look at the Tory Burch show. Models wore their hair brushed out and pulled back with combs—a look that’s loosely inspired by Princess Diana. The standout though was Burch’s reinvention of the posh-girl […]

The nail art accessory

Nail art is now an important part of your accessory game. The whole worlds is going berserk over it for quite some time now. Zooey Deschanel’s website, hellogiggles.com features a nails of the day, in which readers send in photos of their painted nails. Not just perfectly executed French manicures either. We’re talking a family […]

2017 Wearable Winter Trends

We have searched the internet and local fashion vendors to come up with a list of 2017 wearable winter trends. Wearable being an important factor, us Alaska’s know that being fashionable, comfortable and warm is not always a easy thing to do. *Butterfly Accents From the fashion runway Valentino came out with a remarkable butterfly […]