Skin care, why buy professional products?

Do you know the difference between drug store products and professional products? Drug store: ⦁ Made in large batches ⦁ Low percentage of active ingredients means the “moisturizing shea butter is the last thing added but the first thing mentioned ⦁ Full of fillers like water and other harmful chemicals ⦁ Sits on top of … [Read more…]

Color correcting concealers

There are few things I hate more than waking up to a nasty, unwelcome blemish on my face. Although it’s near impossible to wake up flawless, you can achieve your skin goals with a little effort. Green Green Neutralizes redness, green concealers are wonderful for getting rid of any redness on your face. Use a … [Read more…]

Makeup up tips for older women

All the smoothing serums and brightening peels and lifting creams in the world will only get you so far in the eternal quest for a fresh face (barring knives and needles) if your makeup sabotages the effort. So we asked a couple of pros to spill their secrets for faking a youthful appearance. Here are … [Read more…]

The nail art accessory

Nail art is now an important part of your accessory game. The whole worlds is going berserk over it for quite some time now. Zooey Deschanel’s website, features a nails of the day, in which readers send in photos of their painted nails. Not just perfectly executed French manicures either. We’re talking a family … [Read more…]

Haircut and Hairstyle trends for 2018

From amazing color, head bands, and braids, we have the low down on the top haircut and hairstyle trends for 2018 Braids and Ponytails   Braids and ponytails in all variants have been a nice twist. Some braids are left for the pro’s. For others, you will want to enlist that one childhood friend who’s … [Read more…]

The Balm cosmetics

theBalm Cosmetics boasts a complete line of makeup, skin care, hair care and nail polish. With a “beauty in five minutes” philosophy, theBalm’s multi-use, mega fabulous products have become its calling card, offering quick fixes and wondrous solutions for a wide range of beauty wants and needs. The company’s wearable colors and fantastic formulas allow … [Read more…]

No more winter dry skin!

Being a lifetime Alaskan I am all so familiar with harsh winters and dry skin. Its cold and dry outside, and warm and dry inside, there is just no avoiding the dry skin experience in the winter months. What to do about it…. It is certainly a good time to invest supplements like flax seed … [Read more…]

Why get a manicure?

Why get a manicure? A manicure is a beauty treatment for the hands. Although, the treatment is applied directly to the nails, the entire hand actually gets the benefit. The primary purpose of a manicure is to maintain the hand’s overall health. As such, it includes some basic steps that results to clean and healthy … [Read more…]